Meatballs in spicy Tomatoblend sauce

  • 4 persons
  • 10 minutes preparation
  • 40 min.


  1. 100 g dried apricots
  2. 2 slices of bread, crusts removed
  3. dash of milk or water
  4. 500 g mince
  5. ½ tsp ground nutmeg
  6. ground pepper, to taste
  7. 1 onion
  8. 1 chilli pepper
  9. ginger, peeled about the size of a thumb
  10. 4 cloves of garlic
  11. 1 tsp ground cumin
  12. ½ tsp ground coriander seeds
  13. ½ tsp fennel seeds, optional
  14. 1 pot Tomato Blend
  15. fresh parsley or coriander for serving
  16. dash of olive oil for frying


1. Soak the apricots in hot water for 60 minutes.
2. Place the bread in a flat dish and pour over a little milk or water. Allow the bread to soak.
3. Coarsely chop the onion, chilli, ginger, and garlic.
4. Use a hand-held blender or potato masher to blend the vegetables to a paste.
5. Squeeze the liquid from the bread and mix with the mince, nutmeg, and ground pepper.
6. Roll the mince into small meatballs.
7. Heat a little olive oil in a pan and brown the meatballs.
8. Remove the meatballs from the pan and set aside.
9. Add a little olive oil to the pan if needed and fry the vegetable paste on medium heat for ten minutes.
10. Drain the apricots and blend or mash them to a smooth paste.
11. Add the apricot paste, cumin, coriander seeds, and fennel seeds to the pan. Stir well.
12. Put the meatballs back into the pan and add the Tomato Blend.
13. Cook the meatballs in the sauce for about 20 minutes.
14. Before serving, garnish with chopped parsley or coriander.

Delicious served with couscous or bulgur wheat salad. Or stick a toothpick in each of the meatballs and serve as a snack.

The tasteful and versatile tomato base

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